Taking Children Seriously

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Taking Children Seriously FAQ

Taking Children Seriously: a new view of children

How to read this site

Why does parenting feel so hard?

What is Taking Children Seriously?

Children fending for themselves like adults?!

What do you mean by ‘paternalism’?

Which parenting style is Taking Children Seriously? Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, or uninvolved?

How is the word ‘parenting’ not taking children seriously?

If children are people just like adults, why should we treat our children any differently from how we treat adults?

Surely it is natural for parents to control their children?

Does Taking Children Seriously mean children always getting their own way?

Surely children are not born knowing right and wrong?

What do you have against coercion?

Surely coercion is ok when the parent is right and the child is wrong?

If I am not allowed to coerce my child, surely I am being coerced myself?

How do you solve problems where there is a conflict of interest?

How can I tell if a proposed solution is a real solution?

How is a compromise not a real solution?

Is it necessary to reject authority?

Is the purpose of taking children seriously to avoid the harm coercion would do?

Do children not taught that they can’t always get their own way become entitled and inconsiderate?

What do you have against gentle coercion?

What if my child wants to buy every toy in the shop, and does not consult me?

Is coercion always wrong?

How do you intervene non-coercively when one child is attacking another?

I’m a vegetarian. What if my child wants to eat meat?

What if my child wants me to help her murder someone?

What if your child wants to drive?

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